The Six Steps of Bitachon

The Six Steps of Bitachon

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THE SIX STEPS OF BITACHON- A Practical Guide to Divine Providence
By Rabbi Chaim Goldberger

To many people, life often seems like an unpleasant, stressful, and unending struggle. Does it need to be this way? How much different would life be if we knew — really knew — that Someone was taking care of us and that we had nothing to worry about? Rabbi Chaim Goldberger has been studying, practicing, and teaching bitachon — our mandate to rely on G-d’s Providence — for decades. The system he has developed and describes in this book is based on Chazal, approved by Gedolim, and (time and time again, in his own life and in the lives of his students) proven to work. 
Hardcover. 80 pages. 6 x 9". Mosaica Press.

About the Author: Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, a disciple of Harav Yaakov Weinberg, zt"l, and, Harav Yochanan Zweig, shlit"a, has spent over twenty years in the rabbinate, serving congregations in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. An original thinker and trusted consultant, Rabbi Goldberger has been quietly teaching and living the principles of bitachon for over thirty years. His students finally persuaded him it was time to bring his unique approach to the public. 

"I believe that your approach will enable people to feel the tangible presence, love, and concern of Hashem in their lives and will thereby make them happier, wiser and — most important — better people. Yasher kochacha on articulating a message that we all need to hear." Yitzchak Breitowitz, Senior Lecturer, Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem 

"This book is a must for so many who struggle with bitachon. I sincerely hope it will be well received among Jews on every level, and will bring bitachon and tranquility to the lives of many." Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovitz, Dean , The Jerusalem Kollel