For more than two decades, our goal has been to help Israeli businesses succeed. We opened during the Second Intifada, when decreased tourism due to war, the high cost of self defense, drastic cuts in spending on social programs, and misguided boycotts against Israel caused economic crisis. We responded by providing a U.S. market.

We were among the first online stores to bring Israeli imports to the US. We continue to do our best to make quality, useful products that are manufactured in Israel available to U.S. friends of Israel. By promoting Israeli exports, we still hope to support Israel's economy, and help workers keep their jobs and feed their families. We also hope that by encouraging U.S. consumers to buy Made-in-Israel, we can help counter the damage done by the hateful, BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement, which has unfortunately gained so much traction with misinformation on campuses worldwide.

Our store profits benefit Israeli-based charities. We donate net profits from internet sales to various charities- for food and medical services.

We are a retail store, not a charitable organization, not a government organization, not distributors, manufacturers or a referral service. That said, because we are often asked for suggestions about where to volunteer or make a donation, we have compiled a list. Click here for a list of some trustworthy Israeli organizations who are feeding the hungry and providing humanitarian aid.

We carry a large, diverse selection of Israeli imports. We try to carry the items our customers want to buy, that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not, to the best of our knowledge, sell Chinese or Indian-made goods produced for Israeli-owned companies as "Made-in-Israel".