The Secret of Challah

The Secret of Challah

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By Shira Wiener and Ayelet Yifrach

 Ah, the sweet taste of Shabbat challah... There is something about the smell of freshly baked challah and its wonderful flavor that brings joy to the Shabbat atmosphere. 

Baking your own challah seems like a difficult and complex process that requires great effort, experience, and special talent. In The Secret of Challah, with its clear, step-by-step instructions to making beautiful, delicious challah, you'll find that challah baking is both accessible and fun. 

In The Secret of Challah, you will find: 

Proven and tested challah and bread recipes

The Art of Braiding- a section devoted to teaching you how to shape your own challah and bread, including the traditional six-strand braided challah and the festive rose-shaped challah

The deep meaning behind the mitzvah of hafrashat challah, which will give your challah baking a new dimension of holiness

A clear explanation of the practical laws of this mitzvah the unique domain of the Jewish woman

Experience the sweet taste of Shabbat with The Secret of Challah the taste of Shabbat challah. 

Feed your mind, soul, and family with a cookbook devoted entirely to the mitzvah of baking challah. A chapter on the spiritual side of this essential mitzvah and a step-by-step guide to the details and devotions of separating dough make this beautiful book much more than a collection of recipes. Gorgeous photographs complement the wealth of baking tips, explanation of challah customs, techniques for fancy braiding, and how-to's for unusual shapes for holidays and special occasions. Recipes cover basics like healthy whole wheat, sweet Shabbat, and everyday bread to exotics like egg-free, date-studded and zatar-spiced varieties. The Secret of Challah brings both grandeur and practicality to the mitzvah of challah.

Hardcover. 120 pages. Reshit Publications, Judaica Press 2007. 8.75 x 9".
NOTE: This wonderful book is out of print. We found a few copies. The paper covers may be slightly shopworn.