The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude

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By Rabbi Shalom Arush
This is the English-language version of the Hebrew 'She'arav B'toda', a book that has become immensely popular in Israel. Rabbi Shalom Arush is the internationally-acclaimed author and spiritual guide known for his best-selling book 'The Garden of Emuna', which has sold over a million copies. The Garden of Gratitude explains how to make a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual growth - through gratefulness! The attribute of gratitude is a prerequisite to true happiness and success in all of our interpersonal relations, especially marriage. If life seems to be like a brick wall or a dead end, then learning to give thanks is the key to a brighter tomorrow. Gratitude unlocks doors of every blessing imaginable... it can invoke miracles!
5.3 x 8.25". Paperback. 380 pages.