The Alshich Haggadah

The Alshich Haggadah

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Timeless Wisdom about the Seder by the Torah Luminary Rabbi Moshe Alshich.
Translated and compiled by Rabbi Avie Gold.

Rabbi Moshe Alshich (1508-1600), reverently referred to as HaAlshich HaKadosh (the Holy Alshich), was a judge in the Tzefas Beis Din (Rabbinical Court) of Rabbi Yosef Caro, author of the Shulchan Aruch. He wrote many halachic responsa, but is most noted for his Tanach commentary, based primarily on his Shabbos sermons. His commentary has been hailed by more than four centuries of Torah scholars as one of the greatest expositions ever written on Scripture. In it, he expounds on complicated passages, answering fundamental questions of faith and Jewish belief. The Alshich uses his creative insight and his encyclopedic knowledge of Tanach, Talmud and Midrash to weave together his profound interpretations of Tanach. Studying Torah, Nevi'im and Kesuvim, by the bright light of the Alshich's commentary will warm the heart and illuminate the mind of every reader, at all levels of learning.

The Alshich did not write a specific commentary on the Haggadah. However, in his vast body of writings, he explains many of its ideas and themes. In this adaptation, utilizing his unique method of asking stimulating questions, and answering them with his own insights, the Alschich addresses issues such as: How can we integrate the hidden message of the order of the Seder into our daily living? Why does the Seder experience begin with an invitation to strangers to join us at our meal? What is the thread that connects all the questions of the Four Sons? Why does the Haggadah place such emphasis on Rabbi Yehudah's three-word acronym of the Ten Plagues? These are a small sample of the queries and comments addressed in this fascinating commentary. With the publication of this edition, English readers who have difficulty with scholarly Hebrew commentaries can see for themselves why the Alshich is considered one of the greatest of Torah expositors.
6 x 9". Hardcover. 320 pages.