Seek Peace and Pursue It

Seek Peace and Pursue It

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by Dr. Dovid Lieberman

A blend of Torah wisdom with psychological principles, offering a proven system to reduce friction and enhance the most challenging of relationships. If you are tired of all the anxiety, stress, and turmoil that result from a family feud, workplace disagreement, or personality conflict, then learn, step-by-step, how to initiate the peace process and how to see it through. Resolve conflicts of any sort, no matter how long they have been going on, or how many people are involved; and make a difference today, in your life and in the lives of your neighbors, friends, and loved ones.

* Defuse conflict at the workplace when opinions and personalities clash
* Reunite squabbling adult siblings
* Help gain forgiveness for your own mistakes (big or small)
* Handle the overly sensitive, passive aggressive, or controlling personality
* Enhance your marriage and create a more rewarding emotional connection
* Strengthen a troubled relationship by restoring honesty and trust
* Improve your relationship with your children (of any age) or rescue an estranged relationship
* Smooth over disputes among neighbors or coworkers

Discover the pathway to permanent peace with simple, easy-to-use, techniques that bring people together and put differences in the past.
Hardcover. 239 pages.