Natural Formula Professional Pure Glaze

Natural Formula Professional Pure Glaze

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Product Description

Professional Pure Glaze is a leave-in liqui-gel conditioner that forms perfect soft curls in an instant, then preserves the design all day long, preventing frizz in any weather. Hair will glow with a fresh shine. Contains natural oils to preserve hair health, including coconut oil, Shea butter and Macademia Nut oil, all of which nourish and moisturize. Glaze dries quickly and produces flexible style that is never sticky or stiff. Light, pleasant scent. Paraben and sulfate-free. Directions on bottle in Hebrew only. 350 ml.

Instructions for use: Spread a little on hands, and apply to wet or dry hair from the edges to the top, concentrating on ends, while squeezing to create perfect curls. For defining curls, swirl strands around your finger and either dry naturally or use a diffusing blow dryer.