Jerusalem- Footsteps Through Time

Jerusalem- Footsteps Through Time

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10 Torah Study Tours of the Old City, with Detailed Maps and Photographs.
By Ahron Horovitz
This unique guidebook follows the most important events in the history of this holy city from Creation through the Six Day War, from a Torah perspective. Although Jerusalem has been developed since this book was printed in 2000, the tours, photos and historical references are timeless. An amazing, practical guidebook for visiting Jerusalem, in person or virtually.
The author founded Israel's first Torah school of Tourism, and is a reknowned tour guide and lecturer. 
This is the original coffee table version, now out of print. (Price is already discounted to reflect that dust cover may show very slight wear.)
Hardcover, 232 pages. 8.75 x 11". Feldheim Publishers. Printed in Israel.