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EMPOWERMENT- Become the Person You Want to Be
By Rabbi Sheea Langsam, LMHC, LPC
Vignettes that highlight a genuine Torah approach to many of the difficulties people experience today. Timeless ideas expressed with clear, contemporary anecdotes.

Dave was lost in the forest. He simply didn't know how to read the map. The trees all looked alike to him and no matter how many times he tried finding his way out, he just ended up back in the same spot - having walked in circles. He was terrified of having to spend the night in the forest. Suddenly, to his great relief, another hiker came along. This person showed him how to read the map and which markers to look out for. The hiker moved on but this little bit of help made all the difference. He now knew what to look for and how to follow the trail. Before long, he found himself out of the forest. Hashem has placed us in the forest of life. Sometimes, we get lost. We forget how to read the map. This book helps lead us toward the life we really want to lead. 

Hardcover. 258 pages. 6 x 9". Mosaica Press.