Careline Perfect Care Pure C Dark Spot Corrector

Careline Perfect Care Pure C Dark Spot Corrector

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Product Description

A safe, effective solution for diminishing pigmentation spots and uneven skin tone, caused by aging, sun exposure and hormonal changes. This new lightening cream is made with a high Vitamin C concentrate, proven in clinical trials to be effective in lightening dark spots and in facilitating cell-regeneration. Tiny particles diffuse light and create an optical illusion, eliminating visible lines and wrinkles. Skin will appear more even toned after just 4 weeks. Dark spots will visibly shrink after 8 weeks of daily use. Target dark spots, or apply to the entire face and neck to lighten and even tone all over.

Also contains:
*Far East Whitening Complex- an herbal extract, produced from plants grown in East Asia. Dramatically helps in preventing and reducing uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

*Lemon extract- helps in lightening dark skin spots.

*Vitamin E- an anti-oxidant that helps in the skin-lightening process, while nourishing and moisturizing.

This product does not contain sunscreen. For best results, use an SPF top layer. Packaging directions are in Hebrew only. 50 ml.