Aggadah- Sages, Stories & Secrets

Aggadah- Sages, Stories & Secrets

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AGGADAH- Sages, Stories and Secrets: The Keys to More Meaningful and Effective Jewish Living
By Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein

Aggadah teaches how a Jew should view G-d, life, mitzvos, the world, people around him and — ultimately — himself. 

"Do you wish to know the One Who spoke and created the world? Learn Aggadah, for through that you will know Hashem and cleave to His ways" [Sifrei, Parshas Ekev, sec. 12]

Scattered throughout the Talmud are various sayings and stories dealing with Torah outlook, ethics and values. Some are seemingly straightforward, while others are somewhat mystifying, and others simply baffling. Together, they constitute the area of Torah known as Aggadah, and contained within them are the fundamentals of Judaism. 

Drawing on a wide selection of commentators from throughout the ages, this book helps uncover the depth and profundity of these ideas. It takes the reader on a journey of discovery which is inspiring, eyeopening and exhilarating, toward a vision of deeper Jewish living. 
Hardcover. 266 pages. 6 x 9". Mosaica press.

From the Approbations: 
"...informative, fascinating and entertaining ...should be a welcome addition to any Jew's library." — Rabbi Berel Wein

"This book opens up the world of Aggadah , teaches its principles and demonstrates its applications ...highly recommended."— Rabbi Akiva Tatz

About the Author
Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein was born and raised in London, learned in Yeshivas Ateres Israel in Jerusalem, and received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Chaim Walkin. Rabbi Bernstein currently teaches in Yeshivas Machon Yaakov, Jerusalem, as well as various seminaries, and gives regular shiurim on Chumash and Talmud which are open to the public. He is the author of the popular Darkness to Destiny: The Haggadah Experience, and lives in Jerusalem.