Virtual Old Jerusalem

Virtual Old Jerusalem


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Product Description

If you ever visited Jerusalem, this will bring back a flood of memories... if you haven't, this software will introduce you to this special city. Not a video, this is a 360 degree panoramic view of some Jerusalem landmarks. You control the movement, and can zoom into shady alleyways, or out to view Old City vistas and gates. Some shots are very interesting- like what is going on on Mt. Moriah behind the Western Wall. (Note- you can view a lot of street scenes and entrances, but you can't see inside any buildings.) Includes music and ambient sound. Historical explanations given at all sites. Enter the Old City by choosing a gate, or through the interactive map, by clicking red hot spots in all 4 City Quarters. "Hot Shot" technology allows you to set up your own picture to save or print. CD ROM software for Windows 2000, XP, or MAC OSX.