The End of the Tale

The End of the Tale

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Product Description

THE END OF THE TALE by Gadi Pollack
A comic-book style collection of beautifully illustrated parables from Gedolim (great Rabbis) of recent generations. 
He's kept thousands spellbound with the previous books in the Once Upon a Tale series, and now, as we come to "the end of the tale", talented illustrator and a Maggid in his own right, Gadi Pollack, does not disappoint. Here are all the elements of a great graphic novel: characters we love, in a novel, comic style that teaches wonderful lessons through humor, wisdom, and stellar artistic technique. Unique and fascinating for all ages, it contains a rare blend of learning and fun.
Hardcover. Large Format 8.5 x 11". 61 pages. ISBN 978-1-59826-610-8.