Tefillas Channah

Tefillas Channah

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Product Description

TEFILLAS CHANNAH- Prayers for the Jewish Woman

A compilation of stirring prayers, composed by our sages, specially selected for the Jewish woman. This beautifully designed Hebrew-English pocket-sized book is the Jewish woman's best friend, in good times and in challenging times. With prayers for candle lighting, marital harmony, pregnancy, childbirth, child raising, and mikveh immersion, along with many others, this prayer book is one-of-a-kind. Whether to arouse the mercy of Heaven, or to offer thanks for a new blessing, this book of prayers is a source of comfort to turn to daily. A fitting, much-appreciated memento or gift, with room on the cover for personalization.
Compact Hardcover. 281 pages. White with silver embossing. 6.75 x 5.85". Feldheim Publishers.