Shalom Hanoch - 84 Songs Of All Times

Shalom Hanoch - 84 Songs Of All Times

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Product Description

A 5 CD boxed set from one of Israel's best musicians.

Includes these songs-

CD 1: 15 songs, 73:54 minutes
Why Should I Feel Bad, What's Deeper is More Blue (with Arik Einstein,) Play it!, Maya, Under Tropical Moonlight Go to the Shrink, End of the Orange Season, What's Deeper is More Blue (with Tamuz band,) Can't Sleep Now, Man in Himself Strange City, Come to Dance, Quiet Night, Drunk in a Pub, Night

CD 2: 18 songs, 71:53
The Street Light, Every Time is the Time, It Was Worth It, I Don't Know How to Say It to You, The Known Ways, Oh You, White Wedding, Accident Situation Photo, Road Song, On the Face of the Earth, Green on Green, We'll Touch the Dream, Because a Man is a Tree, Children of Life, Yoel Moshe Solomon's Ballad, Tel-Aviv On the Yarkon's Bunk, Trees

CD 3: 14 songs, 73:55
Waiting for the Messiah, To Relax, It's Not Comfortable, Chocolate, Disavow, Late Sunlight, We'll Go with the Flow, Only a Human Being, To Live, One Day I'll Find You, No Connection, A Real Romance, Without Saying a Word, It's So Good That You Came Home

CD 4: 19 songs, 74:04
In this Lifetime, They Say Without, Dialog Just Like You, Like This Like That, 3 a.m. She Brings All, A Song Without a Name, Take a Woman!, Ela, Lately, Don't You Die, Slowly, Without Any Words, Don't Give Up, Every Evening, Ears to the Phone, Daily Recommendation, If I Didn't Love You

CD 5: 18 songs, 73:55
Don't Call Me a Nation, Helicopter, I'll Never Leave You Again, In My Youth, Peeping Tom, Darker and Darker, Everybody Wants, A Little Bit More Every Time, Today, Israeli Light, Love of My Youth, Against the Wind, Good Troubles, Avshalom, A Trip to Jaffa, Guitar and Violin, It's Only Longing, Grass Legend