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Product Description

SERINA- A Haunting Young Adult Novel, Based on a True Story
by Ruti Tanenold 

Set in turn-of-the century Europe, Serina is the story of a Jewish girl's abduction by Felician nuns, her journey through European convents, and her eventual return to Poland. Based on historical fact, this is the difficult story of a child's captivity, a sister's perseverance, and a family's faith.

She was the carefree eldest daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, spoiled by her parents and her Polish maid. But no one could have dreamed that one fateful Friday night, the maid would force Serina into the hands of a group of nuns, bent on destroying her past and recreating her as a devout Catholic. 

This horrific, yet spell-binding story brims with raw emotion and real tragedy. Serina's plight was, indeed, the plight of many Jewish girls at the turn of the 20th century. The brutality of the nuns, the helplessness of Serina's parents, and the Divine Providence that guided her life through every page of this chilling novel make this an important read.

Published by Sapir Press. Hardcover. 255 pages.