Let My Nation Be Warned (The Book of Jonah)

Let My Nation Be Warned (The Book of Jonah)

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LET MY NATION BE WARNED - The Story of Yonah (Book of Jonah)
By Yosef Deutsch

Who was Yonah and where did he come from?
What could prompt a prophet of G-d to refuse his divine mission?
Did Yonah really believe that he could run away from Hashem (G-d)?
Why is this story concerning a gentile nation read on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year?
Rabbi Yosef Deutsch answers these questions, affording readers a fuller understanding of the events of this story. Discover the background leading up to Yonah's divine charge to rebuke the people of Nineveh. Travel the sea with the prophet and be privy to its secrets. Understand the mystery of the 'kikayon'. Find out why Yonah's prophecy to this non-Jewish nation was really a warning for the Jewish people. And strengthen your understanding of the life-changing power of teshuvah (repentance). A lively, entertaining rendition that delves into fundamental issues of Jewish thought, such as reward and punishment, divine providence, free will, and repentance. Culled from Talmudic and Midrashic sources, and includes a full Hebrew-English 'Book of Yonah'.
6x9". Hardcover. 139 pages.