Is It Kosher?

Is It Kosher?

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IS IT KOSHER? The Encyclopedia of Kosher Food, Facts and Fallacies- FIFTH REVISED EDITION
By Rabbi E, Eidlitz
An essential work for anyone trying to understand the practical laws of keeping Kosher. This handy volume, by a noted authority on Kashrus,  will fill you in on everything you need to know about the kosher food industry. The recent revolution in American dietary habits has brought sophisticated food technology into our kitchens, and with it, a host of chemical additives that could render even the simplest food product non-kosher. Includes a list of reliable kashrus symbols (updated as of 2004 (please note that this is the most recent published edition, but standards in Kashrus change frequently, and any questions should be directed to a local Orthodox Rabbinical authority), background on how kashrus organizations operate, lists of kosher fish, explanation of kosher cuts of meat, and little-known facts that will open your eyes to things you never knew before. Also features a section on Passover products. 
Hardcover. 301 pages.