Mamma Used to Say

Mamma Used to Say

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MAMMA USED TO SAY- Pearls of Wisdom from the World of Yiddish
By Rachel Rosmarin
Whether you speak Yiddish or not, you’ll find a wealth of joy and inspiration in this wonderful collection of old Yiddish aphorisms. 

Here you’ll discover a delightful treasure trove of profound and uplifting sayings that touch upon every facet of Jewish life. Every saying appears in the original Yiddish, in transliterated English, and in a faithful English translation, along with comments, explanations, insights and anecdotes. 

Some will make you laugh, others will bring on the tears, yet others will cause you to reflect, but the overall effect is an endearing, remarkable one. Old World insight that is so needed in the world of today.
Hardcover, 308 pages. Feldheim Publishers.