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All Gift Certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase, and may be used for online, telephone or mail orders. Gift Certificate purchases are not taxed and may NOT be used by the purchaser toward our Free Gift or Free Shipping offers. The recipient will be able to use them toward all offers and will pay any applicable sales tax on their purchases.

There is no extra charge for mailing a Gift Certificate to you or to your recipient. Please be sure that the shipping address correctly indicates where you want your certificate sent.

Your gift certificate does NOT count toward the $100 purchase required for Free Shipping on additional items.

We do not have a printed catalog, so we do not recommend giving certificates to recipients without internet access.

When you choose a certificate amount above, you will have access to a form where you can input the receiver's name and your gift message. Please make sure to include your name in the message so the recipient will know who this gift is from. {Note: Please avoid using the following characters in your message... they can interfere with our auto processor: ' " < > & \ }

If you would like your gift to be delivered via email, please check the appropriate box and make sure to include the recipient's email address. If you would like a printed certificate to be mailed, you may choose this option. Certificates will be mailed via First Class mail from Baltimore. If you require Express Delivery, please email us for a price quote. If you would like a printable certificate in Adobe pdf format, please request this with your order.

All certificates include a trackable code. Partial amounts may be used, as long as the total balance is used before the original expiration date. No refunds will be given for unused certificate balances.

If you need help with your order, please contact us at:


HOW WILL I KNOW MY EMAIL CERTIFICATE HAS BEEN DELIVERED? We will send you an email confirming your purchase. If you requested that the certificate be emailed, the recipient will get email at the same time you do.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR MY CERTIFICATE TO BE DELIVERED? Both electronic and printed certificates will usually be sent within 24 business hours - not including weekends and holidays - after purchase. For printed certificates, mailing time varies based on location. They will be sent first class from Baltimore, MD.

I AM HAVING TROUBLE PLACING MY ORDER... Please contact Avoid using quote marks, exclaimation marks, ampersands and other non-alphanumerical characters in the text of your gift card message. These characters can sometimes cause problems with the autoprocessing of your order.

WHAT IF THE ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATE IS UNDELIVERABLE? Please do your best to insure that the contact information you send us is correct- but in the event that our emails cannot be delivered, we will notify you. Aggressive spam filters sometimes prevent legitimate emails from getting through. Be sure to program your own filters so that your receipts and confirmations from us will not be blocked, and always include a contact telephone number.

CAN I SEND A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES? Please don't. At this time we are only processing U.S. orders.

HOW DO I REDEEM A GIFT CERTIFICATE? Both the emailed and printed versions of our certificates come with complete instructions for use. The certificates are designed for online use, but may also be redeemed by phone or mail order.

CAN I USE MY GIFT CERTIFICATE ON SALE ITEMS AND WITH DISCOUNT OFFERS? Yes- certificates may be used toward any retail purchase from - including for shipping and tax, with gift cards, coupons, and any other discount offer.

CAN I GIVE MY GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SOMEONE ELSE? Yes- your code is transferrable. For this reason, it is important that you take care to protect it. We will not be able to offer you credit if someone else uses your certificate.

CAN I REDEEM A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR CASH? No- our apologies, but certificates are non-refundable. If your purchase total is for less than the certificate amount, the balance will remain available for future use until the certificate expires, one year from date of purchase.

I CAN'T GET MY CERTIFICATE CODE TO WORK... Please email if you have any trouble. Make sure that you are entering the code in the correct field at checkout, and that you are not using an expired certificate. Code should be entered exactly as it appears on the certificate.

WHAT IF I LOSE MY CERTIFICATE? Our customer service department will have access to your information until certificate expiration, even if you have lost your printed or emailed copy. We do recommend that you print out electronic certificates- for your records. If a certificate is stolen, please report it to us immediately. We will cancel it and issue a new one.