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Naomi Shemer - Rarities

Naomi Shemer - Rarities
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25 rare recordings,one CD.
Wondering Songs, Noa, Hamsinim Bamishlat, The 8th Day of the Week, The Night Walks On The Boulevards, The White City, Spring Parade, Song for Gidon, Field of Cloves, Ei-Ha-Sha, The Bee Came, Because of a Nail, Snow in Safed, Ophelia You Should Not, The Eucalyptus Boulevard, Vehicle of Fire, Benyamin Metodela’s Journeys, Black Coffee, Careful Building, A Song – Morning and Night, I Planted You in My Garden, What Did the Birds Say?, On a Night Like This, In the Nahal in Sinai, Shlomit is Building a Sukkah for Peace