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Shmuel HaNagid

Shmuel HaNagid
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SHMUEL HANAGID - A Tale of the Golden Age, by Aryeh Mahr
Illustrations by Esteve Polls

This gorgeously depicted graphic novel - comic book style, with captions - tells the incredible story of the life of Rabbi Shmuel HaNagid- a great Jewish scholar, leader, poet, scientist, and warrior, who was also the Grand Vizier of Muslim Spain! The artwork is spectacular and historically accurate. The storyline is captivating, and the entire book will have both children and adults mesmerized. The book is written with some translitterated Hebrew terms of religious expression, but is suitable for readers of any religion or age. The author and illustrator are not Israelis, but the book is printed in Israel.
Hardcover * 56 pages, album sized.