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One of Israel's most well known jewelry artists, Ayala Bar designs beautiful, wearable mosaics, using crystals, beads, stones, glass and fabrics. Her collections are released twice a year. With the release of each new collection, all previous designs are retired, creating limited editions with collectible value. Each piece is hand made with tarnish-resistant and hypo-allergenic silver base metals and silver and gold plate.

Ayala Bar

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Flamenco Necklace
Reg: $140.00
Sale: $125.00
Wild Orchid Necklace
Reg: $140.00
Sale: $105.00
Wild Orchid Necklace
Reg: $532.00
Sale: $369.00
Cranberry Cocktail Necklace
Reg: $242
Sale: $195.00
Cranberry Cocktail Earrings
Reg: $78
Sale: $63.00
Ayala Bar Autumn Fire Pendant
Reg: $140
Sale: $89.00
Ayala Bar Caramel Apple Necklace
Reg: $199
Sale: $160.00
Golden Riches Necklace
Reg: $182.00
Sale: $137.00
Midnite Grace Chandelier Earrings
Reg: $87.00
Sale: $49.00
Hip B&W Limited Edition Earring
Reg: $92.00
Sale: $49.00
Natural Vision Earrings
Reg: $68.00
Sale: $39.00
Turquoise Tropics Bracelet
Reg: $238.00
Sale: $149.00
Cranberry Cocktail Attitude Necklace
Reg: $158.00
Sale: $140.00